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A Tribute to Suniti Deshpande


...write it per hand in four copies. I will happily make hundred copies per hand. When the work is pleasant, life is wonderful". She frequently applied for a job to teach Russian or to come to Moscow to study. It is difficult to imagine, how many obstacles, sometimes artificially created, she had to overcome. Any other person in her place would have given up, but not Suniti. She wrote to me about her disappointments, about her desire to study on, to work, about injustice which she also had to experience. But she repeated: thanks to all these difficulties, the Russian language will be still nearer and more important for me. We were far from each other, but our correspondence was very active, I knew all about her hopes, struggle and sometimes bitter experiences or her victories.

1981 – Suniti Arrived in Moscow
In September 1981 she managed to come to Moscow. I immediately flew to her. I saw how she enjoyed her time there, how she was valued and respected. She could really open hearts of people. But about this time other people can write better because though we were still very much connected, it was already in Moscow. My time was in Kolhapur.

From Tatyana Pogrebnaya-Schein

Classic Suniti
In one of her last letters she wrote to me: "If I write that I seldom recollect you, it would be a lie. Not a single day passes without thinking about the time which we spent together". I can say the same.

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Dr. Suniti Deshpande