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A Tribute to Suniti Deshpande


30 September, 2015

Vice Consul Mr. Vladimir V. Dementiev
Director, Russian Centre for Science and Culture
Head of the Cultural Department of the Russian Federation in Mumbai
31-A, Dr. G. Deshmukh Marg, (Pedder Road,)
Mumbai-400 026

It was with a SENSE OF SHOCK THAT I HEARD THE SAD NEWS FROM MR. RAJEEV. SHE WAS REALLY A PILLAR OF SUPPORT FOR Russian Centre for Science and Culture. How many countless numbers of Russian language students have had the benefit of her expert teaching. She well deserved the unique honour bestowed on her in Moscow of being conferred the title of BEST RUSSIAN LANGUAGE TEACHER in the world. It was a prestige for both Russian Centre for Science & Culture in Mumbai and for her personally. Amongst her students from Zoroastrian College was included Mr. Dinyar Bozorghi who benefited so much from her capable and competent teaching that he picked up sufficient command of Russian language to make several visits to Russia since...

From Dr. Meher Master - Moos

year 2010 and also he was appointed as the sole world wide engineering consultant of a very famous Russian manufacturing engineering company. There must be many other success stories of many other students of late Dear Dr. Suniti.

It would be a hard task for you all to find a replacement for her to keep the Russian language courses going. She was hard working and dedicated and devoted to her job which was more in the nature of a mission for her. She did not care for herself nor her health, sacrificing her time and energy to her work. She put first priority always for her students; and many of them to my personal knowledge reciprocated her friendship. In her own quiet way she was a good cultural ambassador for the Russian Centre for Science & Culture. She mixed and mingled with all the friends and visitors at many functions over the years. Her presence at the podium for Russian English translation was always reassuring. She welcomed everyone with a pleasant smile, and always spoke well about Russia and its many achievements historically, scientifically, culturally. She was large hearted and gave personal gifts to many, quietly, and always promoted peace, harmony and friendship for Russia. I will personally miss her; and so will many of our Zoroastrian College colleagues and staff persons including our Ms. Khurshid Cooper, Dr. Mrs. Usha Nair and others. Please accept condolences from all of us at Zoroastrian College. As many of us as possible will try to come tomorrow evening for her condolence public meeting at Russian Centre for Science & Culture to pay our respects to her memory.

Yours in Deepest Sympathy,

Meher Master - Moos,
President Zoroastrian College
On behalf of all of us at Zoroastrian College