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Growing Up in Kolhapur


Suniti grew up in the small once a princely town of Kolhapur in India which is about 250 miles South of Mumbai and of about 500K people today. The city was known nationally for a famous Hindu temple, clay-bit wrestling, handcrafted slip-on footwear (chappals) , spicy curries and being a princely state. Today it is thriving with new industries and has a forward looking society. People are fun-loving, warm and friendly. 

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Studying in Russia


Suniti earned a scholarship for the renowned Pushkin Institute to pursue a Ph..D. in Russian language in the 1970s. The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute in Moscow claims to be Russia’s center for Russian as a foreign language teaching and offers a range of language courses on all levels. The Pushkin Institute was founded in 1966 as a part of....

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Working in Mumbai


Russian Centre of Science and Culture (formerly known as House of Soviet Cultural Centre) was established in seventies and in 2012 it mark's the 40th year of its presence. Since the time, the Centre promotes friendship between peoples of Indian and Russian Federation. Welcome to the Centre..Mutually getting to know culture of our countries, participating in science exchanges, bring our people closer...

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Enjoying Writing


Suniti was a ferocious writer. She continued to write while working 12 hours a day, teaching, consulting, traveling, speaking and helping others. Her determination and hard work was amazing. She did all of her writing by hand, the old fashioned way and before the iPad and computer days.

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